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Kyle Schreiber

Someday I’ll be a traveling writer; I’ve got a story or two to tell.

Nothing bad or defaming, but I figure what the hell.

Now that I think of it, I’ve got more than just one or two,

I think I have about six dozen active ideas, but let’s keep that between me and you.

“What do you write about?” Some people ask every now and then,

“Oh the usual” I say, “money and desire, adventures of woe, falling in love, finding yourself and falling in love again.”

Some react with interest; others could care less

It doesn’t bother me though, I write for me, not them, I don’t care about the rest. 

Oh how I wish to be a traveling writer and simple just move around,

That’s the dream for me, writing stories while roaming from town to town 

My stories will provide and entertain along the way,

I don’t want riches, I don’t want an agent, I don’t want L.A.

To have freedom, that is what I want the most,

I’d like to spend a night writing in Charleston Harbor and hop a train the next morning destined for the West Coast.

I have a lot to say – but sometimes I feel like no one listens,

My stories are about real life, and to tell them is following my vision.

In order to fulfill my wishes I’ll have to do the work,

There is more to life than scandalous pictures and videos making your ass twerk

Sadly, it today’s world many obtain fame that way,

Good for them, “the bare minimum”, that’s what I say.

I don’t have time for wishing, only action,

my goal in life is to have as many accolades as the NBA’s Phil Jackson!

…Or maybe not, and that’s okay,

for I know one day I’ll be on my way.

Oh how I wish to be a traveling writer, or maybe I already am,

I’ve been running around and writing stories for years, this isn’t a new plan.

Published by kschreiber18

31 years old Buffalo, NY

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