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Kyle Schreiber

“You’re always going somewhere” my college friend Erika once said to me.

Like my idol Bob Dylan, there was always a place to be.

Its true, I was always going somewhere and never sitting still; different scenery and different places, for me it’s all a big thrill.

The people I’ve met and the stories they’ve told, cannot compare to the riches of the world – not even all the gold.

From Long Island and the Five boroughs to the towering pines of Maine,

from Key West to Seattle, no place is the same. 

Colorado has its beauty as Georgia has the heat,

Wisconsin is an interesting place – and while we’re in the area, Illinois is pretty neat.

Washington D.C. once stole my heart,

I have a lot to say about Florida – I think we all do, but where do we start?

Pennsylvania is pretty terrifying after dark – but not as scary as Oregon,

I’ve yet to venture to Texas, I’m not ready to be born again. 

The Bible belt is an area I need to explore as well,

but when I visited my sister in Alabama, the locals knew I was a Yankee – they could just tell. 

Still, to cross off attending a bible revival tent in my life would be pretty wild,

I plan to navigate the southwest too – you know, when the weather turns mild. 

Kadoka, South Dakota is a gem of a town,

I arrived smiling at breakfast and left the diner with a frown.

On that same journey we traveled through Wyoming at 4:00 in the morning,

the roads were slick as shit – I didn’t see any highway warnings.

The Anza-Borrego Desert in Southern California is the closest I’ve come to a vision quest

not counting the time I slept at a truck stop in Montana – the morning coffee wasn’t the best.

Idaho is different; it’s hard to explain,

I’ve passed through Coeur d’Alene a few times, and I understand the city’s claim to fame.

The joke of Ohio being the 5th Dimension isn’t too far off,

West Virginia is quite pleasant, but I’ve never seen the man of the moth. 

Hawaii and Alaska I haven’t forgot about you; North Dakota, Minnesota, and Rhode Island too.

Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, you’re also on my list,

Nevada, Missouri, Kentucky, and Michigan how many more have I missed?

There’s also Mississippi and North Carolina – I think that names them all,

One day I’ll cross all the remaining states off my wall.

“It’s all about the adventure” I tell people with a smile,

“I have places to go and things to see, so I can only chat for a little while.”

Baltimore for football, or Bend for a concert,

gambling in Atlantic City and walking the beach until my feet hurt.

Always a fan of Miami with my old roommates in late October,

never drank that much in my life; took nearly a week to get sober!

Am I searching for something? I wouldn’t say so,

 I just love boarding planes or packing up the car, and away I go. 

Trains too! I’ll take a train when I can,

“you’re always going somewhere,” I’m just a traveling man. 

Published by kschreiber18

31 years old Buffalo, NY

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